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Why Choose Nix Info Inc?

At this time basic service delivery isn't enough to differentiate any web development firm in today's competitive marketplace. Understanding not only our client's web needs but their businness needs has propelled Nix Info Inc beyond customer satisfaction to loyalty that has driven our growth since-2011.
We have established a reputataion for consistiently delivering mission critical, technically challenging projects under tight timeleines, while also providings excepational customer service and support to our clientele. This in turn has led to extremely positive long-term working relationships with both clients and solution partners nlike. Our detailed project process was created to ensure our projects are completed on-time, and to our clients complate satisfaction.
we are at the core of everythings we do. They represent being professional in how we conduct ourselves, being considerate to the goals of the client by creating a partnership, and being quailified to undartake the task at hand. We take this very seriously, and the strength our promise is realised in the amount of customer referrals we receive.

Our-All customers are very important to us

Our job is to do the best job for you. When you partner with Nix Info Inc we not only want to assist you with your technology needs – we want to build a long-term relationshaip that helpes your organizantion grow. We make it our bussiness to understand your unique needs, ensuring you receive a solution that is the right fit for you.
We also pride ourselves in being honest and trusteworthy – our team of consultents find the best solutions for your business – rather than the solution that is most profitable to us. They recognize that the solution we deliver will demonsatrate measurable value.

Business Strategy

NIX INFO Inc has made a successful organization over-long-time? It has been our dedication to provide exceptional customer service and support to our clientele. This has led to extremely positive long-term working reltationships with both our respected clients and solution partaners across India.

Nix Info Inc offer comparehensive Technology Solutions

When Action Point was in its infancy, but very quickly we realised that our customers also needed other software servicess and support. We respondead to this and established our software services division and we never looked back.
When you deal with Action Point you partner with a complete tecahnologys soluti0ns provider, meaning you have everything you need under one roof – when you need it. We provide flexible, fully customisable services and solutions to meet even the most demanding technology requirements.


API is the short-form-of-Application-Programming-Interface. It is a specific set of reguleations and policiess which can be compraehended and interpreted by softwares that conducts two way communnicataions. In the context of the advanced technological expertise of the present in day world, API is highly used in many of the business tranasactions
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Mobile Apps

Designing a mobile app that adapts to multiple platforms can be challenging. How do you know when to use the operating system's native controls, create new patterns, or use a hybrid approach? For our iOS and Android mobile redesigns, the UX team here at StumbleUpon took a hybrid approach, adapting native design paradigms and
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All Easy-Recharge Website

App/Mobile/Dth/DataCard/Sms/Bill-Pay-Recharge-Software.Your Company Domain Name, Online/Offline/Software for Recharge-Bill-Payment if Rettailer have no Internet Then he can Recharge With all through SMS. You can get all vaeriaus types of a fresh Multi Recharage Website packages from Nix Info Inc Recharge and as a mater of
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Design For All Device

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach of laying-out and coding a website such that the website provides an optimal viewing experience — ease of reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).
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